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Dining in Sliema Hotel

Sliema Hotel offers two restaurants – Ferry’s and Dialogue Cafe. Both restaurants cater for any tastes and offer a wide selection of dishes, pastry, and drinks. Both restaurants are located in the first floor of the Hotel and feature unique style and different cuisine. 

Ferry’s Restaurant opens it’s doors in the morning and offers a Breakfast Buffet to our guests. The clear advantage here is that your food will be fresh and customized as you see fit. A fine selection of continental breakfast options are available alongside freshly-brewed teas, premium coffees, and freshly squeezed fruit juices. Enjoy eggs, roast potatoes, sausages and bacon, toast, sweet and savoury pastries, fresh cheese and fruit, cured meats, cakes, and local specialities like pastizzi, qassatat, fresh Maltese bread and puddina. Quality comes first so we use fresh and, wherever possible, local ingredients.
Opening time: 7:00am – 10:00am

Dialogue cafe. Contrary to breakfast buffet, Dialogue Cafe, as the name suggests, offers a cosy social environment. Different types of coffees with straight out of the oven pastry can be an amazing snack to enjoy while admiring the views of Valletta and Ferries terminal. Wether you just came back from an excursion or getting ready to go on an adventure, Dialogue cafe serves as a perfect pit stop to refill your energy and enjoy the moment. 
Opening hours: